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Mount and Balance   $99.99*

Mount and balance consists of removing the existing tire from the rim. Cleaning the bead of the rim, and remounting a new tire on the existing rim. We then place the tire on the balancing machine, which spins the tire to find any heavy spots on the wheel which we counter with bang-on wheel weights, or colour matched stick-on wheel weights. Once all wheels are balanced, we install the wheels on your vehicle, and hand torque all wheel nuts to manufacturer specification.

**Truck Wheels, RunFlat tires, Oversize Tires (19"+), Low Profile Tires  $119.99

Tire Rotation/Seasonal Tire Swap   $49.99

When a customer arrives with their second set of tires already mounted on a set of rims. We do not need to remove the tire from the rim, as they are already assembled. We Remove existing wheel, clean the hub, apply anti-seize to the hub and install the wheels you have provided, and check/adjust all tire pressures. We then lower the car and hand torque all wheels to manufacturer specification.

Wheel Balancing   $65

Rebalancing your wheels is recommended every other year. We pull the wheels off your vehicle, keeping them in tact. We then place each wheel on the tire balancer. We remove the existing wheel weights and rebalance the wheel, which usually has slight changes after a year or 2 of driving. We place new wheel weights on, according to what your wheel needs. We then place the wheels back on your vehicle and hand torque all wheel nuts to manufacturer specification.

Tire Repair   $30.97

This is not your side of the road quick fix. We do it right, and guarantee our work! We remove the wheel from your vehicle, and inspect it for nails, splits, or imperfections. Once we track down what the problem is we update you with regards to what our next move will be! If a nail/screw/debris is the issue, We remove the screw and use a Safety approved method of plugging the tire from the inside out, insuring it will not leak from the spot we repaired. We then rebalance your wheel and re-install on your vehicle! Of course, the wheel is then hand torqued to manufacturer specification.

Labour   $120 / hour

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