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200 Treadwear


Starting at $200 each


Nankang CR-S is an Extreme Performance summer tire with 200TW specifically designed for Club Racers participating in Autocross, TimeAttack, HPDE & Circuit Racing.CR-S's asymmetric tread design is engineered specifically to increase rigidity to provide extreme levels of grip while providing direct steering response. The aramid reinforced sidewall provides precise and responsive handling while providing consistent performance. We have been developing this tire for the last 3 years with extensive testing with a clear goal to make this tyre a step up from the already successful AR-1 tire. The CR-S is designed to be a faster tire than AR-1 but also a more consistent tyre as well. Furthermore, it is also designed to be even more road user friendly with better driving comfort, lower noise & better in wet conditions than the AR-1.


Nankang CR-S

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